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The 2014 I-Node ARA Grant Programme



The I-Node of the Planetary Collegium and its host Institution -Ionion
Center of Arts and Culture- are announcing three (3) grants for promising
researchers, to undertake post-doctoral study. Advanced Research Associates
are valued members of Planetary Collegium Community, playing a critical role
in Art|Sci|Tech Academic Community. The Collegium was awarded The World
Universities Forum Award for Best Practice in Higher Education, and the
President Prof. Roy Ascott is the Golden Nica Winner of Ars Electronica

General Theme

Next Nature

New Technological developments and the new practice of science are bringing
new kinds of creativity in an integrated approach to real world problem
solving. They are culturally and academically desirable but they need the
syncretic standpoint so to launch new initiatives and productions that will
ensure the sustainability of research.


Advanced Research Accociateship (ARA)

The Advanced Research Associateship (ARA) involves post-doctoral or advanced
practice research.ARA.'s are neither students nor employees. ARA is a unique
platform where the researcher pursuing advanced studies beyond the doctoral
level in preparation for an independent career.  Postdoctoral researchers
are enrolled for a limited period of time and involved in a comprehensive
calendar of events, conferences and sessions that are offered through the
I-Node as well as by the entire Planetary Collegium (PC) community. Hence,
they have the opportunity to interact with the large and growing group of
transdisciplinary Planetary researchers involved with (faculty, graduates,
honorary members and other candidates).

 For further information, please contact the Executive Director of the
I-Node, Katerina Karoussos at inode.karoussos at gmail.com 





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