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Von: Eva De Groote <eva at timelab.org>

Timelab's Incubator

Timelab is an experimental city laboratory for new models of 
cooperation, prototyping, and exchange. Timelab annually supports a 
number of projects and is looking for new project proposals.

What is the Incubator?
The incubator is a four day trajectory in which a concrete project is 
examined, questioned, and nurtured. Timelab offers support, 
facilitation, and matchmaking with other domains.

Who is the Incubator for?
For makers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, ...


Timelab Internships

Timelab is an experimental city laboratory for new models of 
cooperation, prototyping, and exchange in Ghent. Timelab offers three 
internships a year. Besides hands on work in the lab, a specific project 
is assigned to each trainee. In 2015 the projects are: finetuning the 
design and process of locally produced shoes, the optimization of the 
Recyclebot, the development of a new machine such as a 3D scanner or 
another CNC driven machine.

Timelab OFFERS INTERNSHIP for students industrial design, architecture, 
product design and electromechanical engineering.

you have a strong interest in technology and diy machinery
you are aware of the (international) makernetworks
you are self-reliant and take initiative
you are practical and handy
you are communicative and a team player
you are always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities
you are punctual and thorough

Do you recognize yourself in these features and are you interested in 
open models, peer2peer learning, and hands on work? Then an internship 
at Timelab might be for you.


There is more to life than simply increasing its speed - Mahatma Gandhi

timelab cvba-so

Eva De Groote
0032 (0) 497528805

brusselsepoortstraat 97 - 9000 Gent
eva at timelab.org

het lab is open op woensdag van 19 tot 22u en op vrijdag van 9 tot 17u

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