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20th International Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia

City University of Hong Kong, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 9th
to 12th December 2014

The International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM)
is a premier world forum for the presentation of research on 3D
acquisition, multimedia visualization, interaction technologies and
their applications. Known for its multidisciplinary approach, VSMM has
become a bridge between technology, art, history, science and
engineering. Held since 1995, VSMM 2014 will be the 20th gathering of
the VSMM Society and will be hosted for the first time in Hong Kong.
VSMM 2014, will be co-hosted by the School of Creative Media, City
University of Hong Kong in partnership with the Centre for Creative
Content and Digital Innovation, (CCCDI), University of Malaya.
Hosting the 2014 conference this year at City University of Hong Kong
enables participants to benefit from a world-leading venue for
innovative research in the creative media. City University of Hong Kong
has many pioneering research and display projects aligned to the vision
of VSMM and the conference theme - most notably in the utilisation of
ultra-high definition digital images, innovation in large screen and
stereoscopic projection technologies, motion capture and motion capture
annotation, as well as research into the future of the museum archive
and visitor experiences - all of which will be showcased through
workshops and exhibitions.
The theme for VSMM 2014 is ‘Image & Archive’.  Archives serve as
basic tools for social accountability, the preservation and
dissemination of historical memory, and the development of a richer
understanding of cultural, social and political forces in an
increasingly digital and networked world. Image & Archive focuses on
technical aspects of the digital image and, on the numerous ways in
which digital archives have become sources for innovation and

Over the last decade technical advances including diverse areas in
imaging technologies have allowed us to capture the world at
increasingly high resolutions and contributed to vast reservoirs of
data. New developments in social media and crowdsourcing have resulted
in online archives of great diversity and application. Cultural
collections are increasingly becoming sources for new methods in
knowledge-based visualisation and, advances in web protocols make this
data increasingly discoverable. There are rapidly emerging demands for
theses digital resources to be analysed and ‘designed’ while
simultaneously they become sources material for creative and artistic

The aim of the conference is to discuss the concept that fresh research
and public engagement initiatives should be integral to ultra-high
resolution scanning projects, and to examine the notion that the archive
must be further reconfigured for the purposes of successful digital

The program includes 60 presentations from authors from 25 countries,
as well as 4 international Keynote speakers who have been selected for
their extensive experience and expertise in ‘Image & Archive’, the
theme being explored at this year's conference.

Keynote Speakers: 

●	Prof. Oliver GRAU, Danube University, (Thurs, 11.12.14 –

●	Tatjana DZAMBOZOVA, Autodesk, USA (Thurs, 11.12.14 –

●	Mark HOLZBACH, Zebra Imaging, USA (Fri, 12.12.14 –

●	Prof. Harold THWAITES, University of Malaya (Fri, 12.12.14 –

Conference presentations will be held on Thursday, 11th and Friday,
12th December with workshops and tours taking place on Tuesday, 9th and
Wednesday, 10th December and the exhibitions are open to the public and
will be open all week.

Registration is required: http://www.vsmm2014.org/#!registration/c17e3

For more information visit: www.vsmm2014.org or email
vsmm2014 at gmail.com 

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