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Mon Dec 8 05:14:00 CET 2014

56999 under the ice

Come winter and the winds rise, air embitters, water stiffens, supple
things creak, footfalls normally certain become tentative; the sun loses
its hold as the brittle days shrink and the cold night draws ever
nearer, threatening to last forever.


56968 a warning

“The conviction of its substantial, tangible reality is now so
overwhelming that later, when I wake up, I have the impression that I
have just left a state of true perception, and everything I see after
opening my eyes seems hazy and unreal.”


55749 recognition

This is a test. Computers can ‘read’ text optically, but their
limitations quickly become apparent from a scanned book that is
typograhically well articulated, and that contains diagrams. Here is a
series of frames made from sections of a text that OCR failed to read.


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