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Pixel Lab #7 | Mari Keski-Korsu & Erich Berger "Case Pyhäjoki"

Presentation: Case Pyhäjoki
Sat. 13 December, 5-7PM;

Workshop; DIY Geiger Counter
Sat. 13 & Sun. 14 December, 2-6PM;
2-days Workshop;

in Pixel Lab
/ Laboratoire Ouvert
@ la Gaîté lyrique, Paris

#7A | Presentation Case Pyhäjoki

‘Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence’ was a
trans-disciplinary artistic expedition, production workshop and
presentation events on the 31st of July to the 12th of August 2013, in
Pyhäjoki, North Ostrobothnia, Finland, where the sixth nuclear power
plant of Finland was planned to be built at Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki.
The aim of the project was to explore artistic perspectives on the vast
changes planned in Pyhäjoki, through the planning of a nuclear power
plant at the site, and this way of considering energy production and
consuming in the world. Artists can not only reflect upon and depict
social phenomena and socio-economical relations, but can also situate
themselves in between politics, activism and science. Can art make
changes? If so, what would be the creative tools of activism?


#7.B | Workshop DIY Geiger Counter

Learn how to make a Geiger Counter and measure the radiation caused by
nature or human activities. Artists Martin Howse and Erich Berger have
designed an easy to build Geiger Counter for Case Pyhäjoki, and have
made a "Geiger Counter building manual" based on this design. The manual
is available at casepyhajoki.info/casepyhajoki_geiger.zip


Mari Keski-Korsu is an trans-disciplinary artist. She explores how
ecological and socio-economical changes manifest in people’s everyday
life. How macrocosm becomes microcosm and visa versa? Her works have a
political nature with a humorous twist. Often, the starting point of the
work is in location, a place and people’s relations to it and
collaborations with different kinds of communities and individuals.
Keski-Korsu’s practise is for example interventions, documentary,
performance, virtual worlds, photography, live visualisations and
installations as well as mixtures of all these media. She is interested
in relations in between art, activism, politics and science.


Erich Berger is a visual artist and trained as a communication engineer
and in philosophy. He has produced interactive art installations,
artistic wearable interfaces, audiovisual performances and sound-art,
which have been shown internationally since the mid 90ties. He also
works as educator, curator, content developer and facilitator, focusing
on the intersection of art, technology and science. Research interests
include telerobotics and telematically mediated environments,
interactive participatory spaces, sonification and visualisation of
real-time processes with related questions in composition, semiotics and
linguistics, generative processes, feedback situations and autopoietic
systems.  His research engages with hybrid space, deep time processes,
biology and ecology and involves the facilitation of interdisciplinary
environments for working and learning. His research also includes close
cooperation with international partners within the arts and sciences.



Within the residency program "Laboratoire Ouvert" of la Gaîté lyrique,
Mal au Pixel and the Pixelache network propose a series of monthly
meetings in Paris, until April 2015, consisting in a public talk and a
hands-on workshop. Since 2006, Mal au Pixel festival is looking at
connecting technology, urban electronics and social transformation
issues, and to investigate our contemporary beliefs. The festival brings
together young digital artists and unconventional electronics :
unexpected technologies, open source tools, prototypes and open ended



Talk On Saturday 13 Dec, 
plateau Media 5PM-7PM,
Free access;

Workshop On Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 Dec, 
in Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, 
Salle Accueil Groupe, 2PM-6PM, 5€ + 10€ for components and PCB,
limited to 12 participants,
Reservations = billetterie at gaite-lyrique.net;


In partnership with Pixelache Network.

With the support of the Grundtvig Foundation for Life Long Learning.

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