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V2_Newsletter December 2014


On 11 December there’s a Test_Lab Genomic Gastronomy where you can get
a taste of Doritos4Snowden. It’s the holiday season, and during the
whole month of December there’s a 40% discount on Dick Raaymakers A
Monograph, and on Kees Tazelaar’s On the Threshold of Beauty, all
other books are only 10 euros! Books make great gifts. Or get yourself
a V2_book to read for Christmas...

Christmas Sales
Only in December: up to 40% discount on almost all the V2_ books!
If you ever hesitated to buy one of the V2_ books because you were
short of money, here's you chance. During the whole month of December
we offer a 40% discount on Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph and on Kees
Tazelaar's On the Threshold of Beauty. The Monograph is just 36 euros
this month (instead of 59.90); On the Threshold of Beauty is just
16.50. What's even better: all other V2_books are only 10 euros.
Books make great gifts. Or get yourself a V2_book to read for
Christmas… The offer is valid this month only!

Test_Lab: Genomic Gastronomy
11 December 2014
V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam
In an evening full of food phreaking and culinary controversy,
artistic think-tank The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (Zack Denfield,
Cathrine Kramer, Emma Conley) will discuss the biotechnologies and
biodiversity of our food systems. On the basis of a live sneak preview
of their work as artists in residence at V2_, and with the help of
special guests like Anja Groten and Pieter van Boheemen, visitors will
be introduced to the Center’s ambition to uncover and reveal the
strange but true stories of our global food system. In addition to an
exclusive look at costumes, set designs, scripts and rough cuts, in
the Test_Lab tradition, The Center for Genomic Gastronomy will also
demonstrate their research live and invite visitors to do some Smog
Tasting, discuss the fact and fiction of the infamous Fish Tomato,
dive into the magic ingredients of Cobalt-60 Sauce and taste

De Derde Dinsdag in December
16 December 2014
Roodkapje, Teilingerstraat 138, Rotterdam
Every month the cultural talkshow De Derde Dinsdag (The Third Tuesday)
is hosted by another cultural space in Rotterdam. Do you want to know
what you should not miss next month in Rotterdam? De Derde Dinsdag
provides a high speed update with short interviews, performances, film
previews, theater and live music. In December Ruben Jacobs will give a
short presentation in Roodkapje about his new book on authenticity and
the creative industries, Iedereen een kunstenaar, which was very
recently published by V2_.

IHA Pop-up Store at Art Rotterdam
V2_ presents a special pop-up store of the Institute for Human
Activities, an initiative of Renzo Martens, at Art Rotterdam (5–8
February 2015). It will sell a series of chocolate sculptures made by
plantation workers, amongst whom are members of the Congolese
Plantation Workers Art League. These sculptures, all self-portraits of
the workers, have been scanned and digitally exported to Europe. V2_
is a production partner, working with designer Joris van Tubergen to
develop 3D printed versions of the sculptures from the scans. The 3D
prints were used to create molds used by the award-winning Dutch
Pastry Team to cast these self-portraits in the very cocoa that League
members have produced for global markets for the last century. The
chocolate was supplied by Barry Callebaut, the leading Franco -
Belgian chocolate producer, but with added content: feelings, ideas,
convictions. The sculptures will generate revenue for Congolese
plantation workers through a more lucrative post-Fordist, affective
economy. As these plantation workers cannot live off plantation
labour, they will now live off artistic engagement with plantation
labour. An exhibition at V2_ is planned for March 2015. The chocolate
sculptures are currently part of the 6th edition of the Artes Mundi
biennial in Cardiff, Wales, and the exhibition Confessions of the
Imperfect at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (both till 22 February
2015). More on www.humanactivities.org/institute

The next V2_Newsletter will be sent in early January 2015. In the
meantime we wish you all the best for the holidays!

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