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In the November 12 issue of The Huffington Post, 
professor, writer and activist Creston Davis wrote about the project:
"Art Still Offers Hope" and “The project is based on Joseph Beuys's idea of a "social sculpture".

We are pleased to invite you to our project "Paintings for Hope". 
We are giving away a painting a day, for 365 days.
All information and links are attached.
We are happy especially if you would generously spread the word
and invite other people around the world.

Thank you very much and best regards from the island of Paros in Greece,
Heidi and Peter Seibt

Paintings for Hope:
yes at paintingsforhope.org
Paros / Greece
phone: 0030 22840 23 368
skype: cpsparos             


Paintings For Hope

A radical, generous and creative art project, a social sculpture,
an alternative to the cynicism of the art marketplace.

Every day we are bombarded with images of horror, with malignant ideas, empty noise, obscene arbitrariness, inflated mediocrity and the cynical misinterpretation that the value of art is its price. People call this "Art" but it is in fact the "Art Market". (Stupid. Fat. Kitsch.) Our hopes disappear under the daily terror of power over the powerless.

We simply do not accept it; it is basic: War is not peace and the price of something is not the value. In short, the market is not the art. Cynicism is not creation. But we are not at all rendered helpless by this billion-dollar industry. Instead we created the radical art project "365 Paintings for Hope".
In the November 12 issue of The Huffington Post, professor, writer and activist Creston Davis wrote: “The project is based on Joseph Beuys´s idea of a "social sculpture".

In fact, the concept of a social sculpture is a form of hope in itself: Human beings, communicating with art, change their attitude toward existence and thereby society is transformed. The raw material of a social sculpture is the interweaving of people's dreams and hopes and is expressed in the form and the process of giving and receiving. Specifically, our project "365 Paintings for Hope" takes on the form that each day, for a year, we share daily a different painting in order to stimulate hopes remembered or created for those who encounter it.

At the completion of “365 Paintings for Hope”, thousands of people will have linked their hopes to a piece of art which in turn is also linked to the hopes of others through art. Hope is spread throughout social relations in and through art. Imagine the joy. Imagine the possibilities.

This is how it works: The painting of the day appears on our website. People in whom the painting sparks an awakening of hope write to us of their thoughts and feelings. Perhaps they want the painting simply for its beauty and this is good enough. Beauty is a primal human need. Dostoevsky believed that beauty saves the world.
Every day we hold a lottery of the people who submit their desire for a certain painting. If your name is selected, we send you the painting, wherever in the world you may be, absolutely free of charge:  a profound and ancient human way to share art.

Now we are more than two thirds through the project.  270 people got their painting. Many told us how receiving this piece of art they found beautiful and which spoke to them of their hopes has brought a change in their lives. We learned that they, in turn, communicate this change to others.  So the change grows and grows. We as the creators and realizers follow the process, never directing it, merely observing it and deriving deep pleasure in its evolving.

What happened until now: So many hopes. The hopes which gives art, the hope that a society can be a community, the hope, that we can create a difference, that we are the difference.

 C. Peter and Heidi Seibt



Creston C Davis: interview with Peter Seibt / Huffington Post 

Project Paintings for Hope:
On the website www.PaintingsForHope.org you will find:
the painting of the day and the application form to register,
the winner of the previous day,
a gallery showing the paintings previously given away,
a world map of the new owners, their place of residence, their new obtained painting and the associated hope,
all submitted hopes to a single painting are listed in intervals,
a gallery showing the new owners with their painting.
on facebook

work of C.P.Seibt

yes at paintingsforhope.org

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