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Mon Nov 3 15:36:56 CET 2014

Hi Armin,

Thanks for sharing this -- we will read this with great interest as 
active participants in this culture ourselves.

wishing you well.

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> Hi,
> some of you have probably already noticed this via fb or rss, I am writing a
> new book on, working title, "The Rise of the Network Commons".
> It returns to the topos of the wireless commons on which I worked during
> the early 2000s. In this new version, combining original research from
> my German book Freie Netze (2004) and new research conducted in the
> context of the EU funded project Confine, the exciting world of wireless
> community network projects such as Guifi.net and Freifunk, gets
> interspersed with philosophical reflections on the relationship between
> technology, art, politics and history.
> In chapters yet to come, I want to treat this topic more
> internationally, thus interested to learn about projects from all over
> the world. Currently, I am preparing the next chapter on "social
> technologies" starting with firmware hack of OpenWrt in 2003 aftre GPL
> violation. What interest me in particular is the relationship between
> development of a technology and its usage, follwoing notions such as
> participatory design and social technologies ... again, grateful for any
> useful hints, experiences, stories
> Here is the work in progress
> http://thenextlayer.org/NetworkCommons
> Even if a chapter is already written, it does not mean that it has
> achieved stable form. I am happy to accomodate input on all aspects of
> the project. Publishing early draft texts is part of my chosen
> methodology in this case
> looking forward to hearing from you
> best
> Armin
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