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Today's Topics:

  1. Open call for book artists! Library Thoughts 5 (beata szechy)
  2. SATURDAY 1/11 SCHEVENINGEN - B.ring Y.our O.wn L.ifesaver 
      (anne wellmer)


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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 11:41:23 -0500
From: beata szechy <bszechy at gmail.com>
Subject: [spectre] Open call for book artists! Library Thoughts 5
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Opportunities for artists to exhibit in Budapest:

Open call for book artists!

*Library Thoughts 5*

*An exhibition of the Book as Art*

*Artist's Books and book-related art*

Deadline: March 1, 2015

Entry fee: USD$ 35

Book as Art exhibition organized at MAMU Gallery, Budapest June 12 - July
3, 2015 .  The exhibition curator Beata Szechy.

This exhibition is part of the AIR/HMC, Budapest, International Artists in
Residency program.

For more info, application form write to:

Beata Szechy

bszechy at yahoo.com


Facebook: *Budapest International Artist Residency*

Beata Szechy
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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 11:01:31 +0100
From: anne wellmer <awellmer at googlemail.com>
Subject: [spectre] SATURDAY 1/11 SCHEVENINGEN - B.ring Y.our O.wn
To: spectre at mikrolisten.de
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K.anonnenvoer | B.ring Y.our O.wn L.ifesaver 

A night with performances at the former container harbour in Scheveningen, on stage with Konrad Smole�ski's loudspeaker wall (o.m.i.a.m.h.) at the Zuiderstrandtheater.  

Bring your own pillow, yoga mat, lifesaver, float, sand bag, stool, rubber boat, or whatever else you might want to contribute to the safety and comfort of that night. 

BMB con. - no title(s)
Matteo Marangoni - Lampyridae (with Dieter Vandoren)
Anne Wellmer - No.2 for Singing Demolition Ball

      .+~:, .,Z777$$$777Z,. .,:=.      
  .=~,.,:=+??+==.......~++??+=:, ,~=.  
  +~,.,:=+I?+            +?I+=:,.,~+.  
 +=:..:=+I+.              .+I+=:,.:=?. 
.ZZ, ,~=??  Volkspaleis    .+?+~,.,ZZN 
ZZ7777$ZI.                  .?O$7777$O 
8Z7777$OZ      1/11/2014      .$O$7777$O.
8$7777$O.        B.ring        .O$7777$O.
8Z77777Z.        Y.our        .Z$7777Z8.
8Z$7777ZZ        O.wn          IZ77777Z8.
ZO$7777Z+        L.ifesaver  .+Z7777$O8.
.8Z?:,.:~+                  +~:..:=Z8N 
 ?I+~:..,~=                +~,..:~+I?  
 .?I+=:,.,:~+            :~:,.,:~+??.  
  .+?+=~:..,::= .    ..+::,..,~=+I?=  


Kranenburgweg 211
Den Haag, Scheveningen
Tel (070) 392 53 59

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