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Benjamin Gaulon
hacking (and recycling) the culture of obsolescence

An interview by Filippo Lorenzin to Benjamin Gaulon, artist, researcher,
internationally known for his détournement, hacking, recycling and critical
making practices. Founder at Recyclism Hacklab and author of the essay
"Hardware hacking and recycling strategies in an age of technological


What happens in a technological context where a device becomes obsolete
within a very short time? A culture of obsolescence takes place, as regards
technological devices and the thinking and behavior of people alike.

These are just some of the central themes of the study carried out by the
artist, researcher and college lecturer Benjamin Gaulon.

His work is also known as “Recyclism” as his works used to be labelled. The
nature of his projects is significantly varied, spanning from softwares,
installations, pieces of hardware to web based projects, interactive works
and street art interventions that often explore détournement, hacking and
recycling practices.

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