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V2_Newsletter December 2014


On Thursday 27 November we have invited a variety of non-expert
experts to bring hidden knowledge to light. On 11 December there’s a
Test_Lab Genomic Gastronomy where you can get a taste of
Doritos4Snowden. The two new books by Arjen Mulder and Ruben Jacobs
are now available. And we’re proud to announce that Cecilia Jonsson
has won the second prize of the VIDA 16 Awards for The Iron Ring,
which she realized during a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.

Blowup: Non-Expert Experts
27 November 2014
V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam

The same small circle of experts circulate on the world's conference
stages... but what of all the specialist knowledge under our noses?
Who are the unacknowledged experts in our midst? The maker movement
has done a good job of uncovering hidden technological talents, but
which other domains are developing innovative techniques with possible
wider impacts? With artist Melle Smets, researcher Cynthia Hathaway,
and the collaboration of the Open Design students at the Willem de
Kooning Academy, V2_ has been on a hunt for the most interesting
'non-expert experts' in the Netherlands. At this event, we will hear
from a wide range of unsung experts in several divergent areas: from
giant vegetable growers and their 500 kg pumpkins to natural
weightlifters lifting twice their body weight, and anything else you
can imagine. The aim is to bring hidden knowledge to light, and to
reveal the surprising techniques, motivations, and results that our
experts achieve.

Test_Lab: Genomic Gastronomy
11 December 2014
V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam

In an evening full of food phreaking and culinary controversy,
artistic think-tank The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (Zack Denfield,
Cathrine Kramer, Emma Conley) will discuss the biotechnologies and
biodiversity of our food systems. On the basis of a live sneak preview
of their work as artists in residence at V2_, and with the help of
special guests like Anja Groten and Pieter van Boheemen, visitors will
be introduced to the Center’s ambition to uncover and reveal the
strange but true stories of our global food system through a series of
semi-documentary videos. In addition to an exclusive look at costumes,
set designs, scripts and rough cuts, in the Test_Lab tradition, The
Center for Genomic Gastronomy will also demonstrate their research
live and invite visitors to do some Smog Tasting, discuss the fact and
fiction of the infamous Fish Tomato, dive into the magic ingredients
of Cobalt-60 Sauce and taste Doritos4Snowden.

Cecilia Jonsson wins Award for The Iron Ring
The second prize of the prestigious VIDA 16 Awards goes to Cecilia
Jonsson, for her work The Iron Ring, which she realized at V2_ during
a Summer Sessions residency.

In 2013 Cecilia Jonsson realized her work The Iron Ring with support
of V2_ during a Summer Sessions residency. She created an iron ring
out of iron ore from 24kg of grass harvested from the acidic river
banks of a landscape transformed by opencast mining. Afterwards she
made an e-book about the project. V2_ is proud that she has now been
awarded the second prize of VIDA 16 (the Art and Artificial Life
International Awards of Fundacion Telefonica) for The Iron Ring. The
jury stated: ‘This complicated project illustrates the slippage across
nature and technology as well as the environmental awareness present
in today’s culture’. To find out more about the project: read The Iron
Ring e-book which can be downloaded for free on the V2_website.

New Books, Now Available
Now available: Arjen Mulder’s new book on art and documentation, and
Ruben Jacobs’ Iedereen een kunstenaar.

Arjen Mulder’s new book Een stuk van mij gaat een paar keer (‘A piece
of mine goes a couple of times’) is an essay about art and
documentation. He argues that the relation between original and
documentation has completely shifted over the past thirty years. Art
is no longer autonomous, as the 20th century wanted it to be;
documentation is what keeps a work of art alive. The second book,
Iedereen een kunstenaar (‘Everyone an artist’) by Ruben Jacobs, is
about authenticity, art and the creative industries. Both books are
published in Dutch and are available in the V2_webshop and selected
bookshops. Order your copy here.

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