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NK info at nkprojekt.de
Thu Nov 27 21:51:35 CET 2014


Friday November 28 Times 15:00 -19:30
AT NK http://nkprojekt.de
Elsenstr. 52 2.HH 2.Etage 12059 Berlin

For the ghost detector, a coil (like the antenna of a radio but with no 
tuning magnet) is constructed using fine copper wire around a 
cylindrical object of the users choice: preferably cylindrical in shape, 
and preferably a "charged" object (one with personal meaning or of 
natural origin. Examples include an animal bone, a sex toy, a 
sacrificial knife, but really any cylindrical object will produce results).

The coil diameter and number of windings is variable and experimental 
and will produce different results / capture different parts of the 
radio and electromagnetic spectrum. Also using the inverting or 
non-inverting inputs of the 386 will produce different results.

In place of the coil it is also possible to add a choke and diode (thus 
the circuit becomes an amplified version of the Raudive diode), or the 
play or record head from an old tape recorder. The results will vary 
according to the head used, for example bigger heads out of reel to reel 
machines will be more sensitive.
A volume control may be added using a potentiometer either at the input 
(coil end) or output of the circuit.
The circuit may be contructed by soldering the components directly to 
the LM386, or veroboard may be used.
Once the circuit is constructed (should take maximum 2 hours) you can go 
on a ghost walk with your device and headphones (or a recording device 
if you have one) to listen to hidden spooky sounds.

The static charge detector takes advantage of the fact that CMOS chips 
are static sensitive to cause a flip-flop to switch according to the 
positive or negative ions around the antenna, lighting one of the LEDs. 
This can be constructed 'dead bug' style. The 3M resistor before the 
antenna protects the chip against large static spikes. See schematic / 
photo for construction details.

PARTS (Ghost Detector):
10 uf and 220 uf capacitors
Veroboard (optional)
Fine copper wire to make the antenna coils
9v battery
3.5mm headphone socket
- An object to wrap your coil around to make the ghost detector antenna. 
The small circuit and battery will also be attached to this antenna.

PARTS (Static Detector)
resistors 270ohm and 3Mohm
Capacitors 33pf
Diodes 1N4148
9v battery connector etc

- SOLDERING IRONS (one per person is ideal but can be shared if less)
- SOLDER (flux core, as thin as possible)
- Elecrical tape (insulation tape) or gaffer tape
- glue gun
- Wire to recycle (for example old computer cables / ethernet cable / 
telephone cable)
- Cables 3'5mm mono to 1/4? jack if people want to plug their machines 
into a mixer or amp and record.
- Mixer and amp

a cylindrical
non-conductive object to wrap wire around to make an antenna,
preferably something personal and/or from a dead animal/person/plant.
Also headphones, and a 9v battery

Dates and Duration:
*November, Friday 28 From 15:00 -19:30

Maximum number of participants : 15

Participation Fee: 25EUR


Saturday November 29 Doors 20:30 Concert 21:30


Evil Moisture live is death by drowning. The sound fills your lungs and 
you just don't want to go on anymore. The members are all highly 
good-looking, so to attend their show is like reading an entire 
Harlequin Romance in 45 minutes, one of the bad ones your mother puts on 
the high shelf. Also, spooky." -- Lisa Carver (Suckdog, Rollerderby)

Delays, Mashers, Choppers etc: 
Bat detector http://evilmoisture.free.fr/bat/
Some texts about Evil Moisture etc: 


.:(sic):. is one of the most insane projects of the History of 
Experimental Music in Mexico. How many duos of extreme vocalists we know 
from all over the world, who are composing as profound savages, 
possessed by rituals from the cave, but with the conscious of silence 
and meditation?

In this sense, Ambriz and Bonequi merge primigenius intuition as a 
concept of uniqueness from spaceship earth parked on the devastating 
psychological impact of amoral landscapes... reconstructed face cuts of 
whom invoke timeless miniatures from the instability of gesture... 
primitive humanoids shouting freedom with no-language dialects while 
trembling and convulsing mouth noises from antique nonexistent rites.




Martins Rokis from Riga has been experimenting with various forms of 
electronic music since the late 90's, but while studying philosophy and 
delving into sound programming his focus gradually shifted away from 
musical aspects of sound more towards experiential relationships between 
sound, space and body and multimodality of human perception.
Currently he is working with sound and visuals in different contexts, 
forms, crossing boundaries between so-called computer music, psychedelic 
noise and abstract sound art, blending generative strategies with 
improvisation and also occasionally making sound installations or works 
for multichannel systems. He has presented his artistic activities 
locally and internationally and so far he has published few limited 
edition releases. Recent performances include STEIM (NL), EMS, 






Berlin based outfit reformed after two of the original members moved to 
other parts of the globe.
New lineup featuring:

Julian Percy Au (guitar treatments)
Yvan Volochine Fr (electronics)
Steve Heather Au (percussion, electronics)



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