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*‘Engagement & Entrapment’   *

*Curated by Diana Ali (UK)*

A Visual Arts exhibition exploring enticement, allurement and attention.

24th July-07rd August 2015

Zmart Gallery of the Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum

27 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Kaimakli, 1020 Nicosia, Cyprus

*Concept: *

Engagement is a way of capturing attention, a way of alluring and a way of
enticing to possess ownership. We could implement this as a way of
attracting an audience, being drawn into a system and in turn be

What is the ethical concern over this? Is the viewer guilty for being
engrossed in a piece of work that is deemed vulgar or inappropriate; a
guilty pleasure? Is the accused guilty until proven innocent? Is the artist
wrongly committed for a self-indulgent expression?

*Who: *

International artists have been invited to explore a subversive engagement,
use tactics and trickery to captivate and which contests rules and laws of
a system.

*Further info: *

<http://engagementandentrapment.blogspot.co.uk/> *

Diana Ali

Visual Artist & Curator, UK

Skype: dianaali2artist2curator
Twitter: Diana Ali at DianaAli22
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