[spectre] Surviving a battle with cancer

Séamas Cain seamascain at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 22:05:28 CEST 2015

Dear fellow creators of SPECTRE,

As you may know, I had major surgery, for cancer, on January 19.  The
surgery took most of the day.  They had difficulties trying to revive me in
the Recovery Room.

I have been having a long recuperation, though I am getting better.  I am
very thin, quite shaky, and I tire easily.  I am thinner now then at any
other point in my adult life.

I was back in the hospital last week for a battery of tests to see if the
cancer had reasserted itself.  They could not find a trace of it left
inside me.  They will test me again every three months for the rest of my
life, just to be sure.  They think they cut it all out of me.  The doctors
are insisting that (if I am not run over by a truck) I should have a dozen
more good and creative years at the least!

This re-testing is something they do, with survivors of cancer.

I have been going out of the apartment on little outings.  I still tire

I hope to build up my strength during the rest of the summer.

I am eager to RETURN to my literary and arts activities, after such a long
time of FORCED inactivity.

(Though, the brain was not inactive.)

Take care !!

Séamas Cain
http://www. <http://www.mnartists.org/Seamas_Cain>freewebs.com/seamascain

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