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From: Elina Axioti <kamworkshops at gmail.com>
Date: Jul 18, 2015
Subject: CFP: Artificial Natures (Chania, 17-23 Aug 2015)

Chania, Crete, Greece, August 17 - 23, 2015
Deadline: Aug 14, 2015

Artificial Natures
KAM Workshops 2015
Aug. 17-23, Chania Greece

Call for Participation for immediate announcement

We are happy to announce the 14th KAM Workshop under the theme 
Artificial Natures which will be taking place in Chania, Crete form the 
17th till the 23rd of August 2015. KAM Workshops bring together 
practitioners, academics, students of architecture, design, media, art 
and cultural studies for an intensive studio accompanied by a series of 
presentations and discussions on the current theme.

Theme: Artificial Natures appear in a broad spectrum of scenographic 
representations in post-internet culture. Within the anthropocene 
discourse, nature is described as a system which integrates critical 
human interventions. Nature has lost its significance as the opposite of 
human technology. It is a hybrid of the two spheres. The relationship 
between technology and nature, and the dialectics between them, 
organizes both concepts through a strong philosophical opposition. Since 
nature has become, by definition, artificial – produced, to a certain 
degree, consciously or otherwise by mankind – the architecture of its 
presence and its artificiality becomes a new matter for investigation. 
If nature is a lost object, its glorification in the post-internet era 
already necessitates a different relationship to it. The breadth of 
human nostalgia and the ongoing effort to artificially bring back what 
has been permanently lost, is in the center of this workshop. The KAM 
workshop of 2015 focuses on nature and Modernity, critiques on the 
borders between the natural and the human-made; video game environments 
experienced through avatars, techniques of reproduction, copying and 
synthesizing, assembling artificial natures for material or digital 
environments; fake mountains, rocks, trees, vegetation, lakes and gardens.

With contributions and desk crits by Aristide Antonas (University of 
Thessaly), Stavros Vergopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), 
Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste 
Stuttgart and m-a-u-s-e-r studio), Heike Schuppelius (Staatliche 
Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe) and Ian Warner (State design agency 
and Slab-Mag Berlin) among others.

KAM Workshops have been a space for theoretical investigations and 
spatial experimentations. The program of KAM Workshops consists of a 
daily studio and a series of lectures and is followed by an exhibition 
of the collective works and projects. KAM Workshops are organised by the 
Architecture Syndicate and the Center of Mediterranean Architecture 
(keppedih-cam). For more information you can visit our website 
www.kamworkshops.com or contact us at kamworkshops at gmail.com. We would 
highly appreciate your help in disseminating the announcement to 
interested parties.

The Architecture Syndicate and
The Center of Mediterranean Architecture (keppedih-cam)

— www.kamworkshops.com
KAM workshops 2015
CHANIA / Center of Mediterranean Architecture 17 - 23 August

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CFP: Artificial Natures (Chania, 17-23 Aug 2015). In: H-ArtHist, Jul 18, 
2015. <http://arthist.net/archive/10764>.

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