[spectre] Commemorating - 9 November 1938

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne artvideokoeln at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 11:16:08 CET 2015

artvideoKOELN, A Virtual Memorial Foundation and soundLAB - sonic art
are happy to commemorate the *Night of Broken Glass*
(Reichskristallnacht  - 9 Nov 1938, when the Nazi were burning all
synagogies in Germany in one night) a date which is considered to be the
start of the Holocaust, and  has therefore a fundamental relevance- by
releasing these two artprojects online

14 exciting new additions to SFC - Shoah Film Collection
which can be reviewed online - http://sfc.engad.org/video/?p=740

soundLAB - sonic art projects  - is releasing on occasion of
 9 Nov 2015 - online  the soundart project
"soundCOLLECTIVE - collective trauma, identity and sonic art"
featuring soundart by 29 international soundartists

Thousand thanks to all participants for supporting that kind of
commemorating via art.


artvideoKOELN international - http://artvideo.koeln
A Virtual Memorial Foundation - http://www.a-virtual-memorial.org
soundLAB - sonic art projects - http://soundlab.newmediafest.org

artvideokoeln (at) gmail.com
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