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 MoneyLab # 2: Economies of Dissent

Strategies and initiatives to defuse the economic crisis

MoneyLab#2: Economies of Dissent is a symposium organized by the Institute
of Network Cultures on 3 and 4 December 2015 at Pakhuis de Zwijger (Piet
Heinkade 179), Amsterdam.

During MoneyLab#2 international pioneers in the field of global finance
will meet. According to this group of artists, journalists, activists,
economists and geeks, it is high time for an intervention in the world of
finance. During the symposium, they will present different initiatives and
strategies that will each intervene in the economy in their own specific
The initiatives on 3 and 4 December

Some of the initiatives on show: a Deleuzian Hedge Fund (Robin Hood) has
developed an algorithmic hack that first diverts and then redistributes
money from the stock markets; an ethical bank robber proclaims his
manifesto for bottom-up financial changes; researchers show games and
info-graphs which provide insight into the banking scandals that have been
unraveled by them; an entrepreneur presents a new platform that allows for
copyright-protected digital art, and a Dutch economist is launching a
peer-to-peer business model which side-tracks existing insurance. A panel
will be devoted specifically to the importance of thorough investigative
journalism and how it can bring to light financial scandals.

The program and speakers

The program of MoneyLab#2: Economies of Dissent consists of a combination
of panel discussions, presentations, workshops and an art exhibition.

*Speakers* include: Brett Scott, Bruce Pon, Cecile Landman, David Golumbia,
DullTech™, Eduard de Jong, Enric Duran, Femke Herregraven, Jim Costanzo,
Jip de Ridder, Levi Orta, Max Haiven, Núria Güell, Paolo Cirio, Paul Radu,
Pekko Koskinen, Primavera de Philippi, Rachel O'Dwyer, Robert Boeschoten,
Scott Kildall, Silvio Lorusso and Stephanie Rothenberg.

*Workshops*: Avenging Money / Negotiating Trust on Crowdfunding platforms /
Free Money Movement & The Commons / Robin Hood Minor Asset Management /
Ascribe / CommonEasy

*Topics: *Bringing the Dark Side of Money to Light | Financial Literacy |
Artistic Interventions in Finance | Digital Revenue Models in the Arts |
Crypto-Currencies and their Future | Tactics for Economic Dissent |
Blockchain Technologies and Initiatives | Decentralized Insurance | Digital
Currencies | Financial Leak Platforms | Hacking Global Finance | Bank
Extortion | Web-based offshore corruption games | Sharia Banking | Ethereum
| Exposing Shadow Economies | and much more…

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management / CommonEasy / Ascribe

MoneyLab: Economies of Dissent is an initiative of the Institute of Network
Cultures, Amsterdam, CREATE-IT Amsterdam Center of Expertise, and the
Amsterdam Creative Industries Network of the University of Amsterdam.


€ 30 per day incl. lunch / € 60 passe-partout incl. lunch / Students 50%
discount, incl. lunch

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