[spectre] Call for MINIpapers

julakim julakim at ar2com.de
Fri Aug 19 06:43:57 CEST 2016

dear spectre community,

as every year since 2011 the interdisciplinary summeracademy PoolPlay
invites dancers, musicians and architects (and many other open-minded
humans) to research artisticly on SPACE and TIME, we wanted to make a
tabloid on the different approaches by you.

you can download our call for papers here. the topic is as follows and
we ask you for no more than 500 words!
space and time of the uncertain - how do you relate?

the PoolPlayMakers
engagiert sich für:
schwingVOLLE grenzen www.grenzlinien.com
schwungVOLLE wellen www.PoolPlay.eu
kunstVOLLE quellen www.WorldWideBlanket.de
stimmVOLLE töne www.julakim.de
Wenn wir aus dem Vollen schöpfen, werden wir uns der Fülle bewusst.

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