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Danube University awards Prof. Jeffrey Shaw a honorary professorship on
the merit of his long-time achievements in the fields of artistic and
technological development, and for the scientific dissemination of media
art. Through his work as an artist, researcher, curator and instructor
at highly regarded universities, Shaw has contributed significantly to
the development and research of immersive visualization environments,
innovative user interfaces and interactive narration systems, and
imparting of knowledge in media art.
With his special artistic and technical competences, Shaw is a pioneer
in the investigation and enhancement of creative and interactive
possibilities with new technologies. Already in the 1960s Jeffrey Shaw
co-founded artist groups that realized progressive participatory
projects. Later, Shaw expanded his architectural and dynamic models
using computer technology. 
JEFFREY SHAW's benchmarking and pioneering oeuvre is documented on ADA
with over 140 media art works from his earliest 'happenings' like
"Corpocinema" (1967) to his most recent site-specific immersions like
"Look Up Bombay" (2015). An extensive quantity of images from concept
drawings to exhibition photographs record his artistic process from
inception to installation. In addition to these still images, and the
art history of the digital age to which they are witness, an extended
documentation enables ADA community members to more deeply explore
SHAW'S body of work. Digital videos document his interactive and
multi-media works.  And textual material that includes artists
statements, press releases, scholarly articles, and technical
schematics, offer qualitative information on the multifarious iterations
of SHAW'S artworks, exhibitions around the world, and collaborations
with specialists such as those in the computer sciences. Further, a
transhistorical keyword index, the Media Art Research Thesaurus,
interconnects these contemporary media artworks by SHAW with their art
historical predecessors on other digital databases, so that users of ADA
are able to comparatively investigate his works through the very terms
central to his practice–'acoustic,' 'expanded cinema,' 'panorama,'
'virtual,' and beyond!
Jeffrey Shaw's work on ADA:
Comparative analysis on „Panorama“:
Shaw worked as the founding director at the Institute for Image Media
at ZKM in Karlsruhe from 1991 to 2003. Among other major exhibitions, he
curated with Peter Weibel “Future Cinema” in 2002/2003. Shaw led his
self-founded iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research at the
University of New South Wales in Sydney from 2003 to 2009. And since
2009, he is chair professor for Media Art and dean of the School of
Creative Media at City University Hong Kong.
A decisive factor for distinguishing Shaw with this award in addition
to his artistic and scientific achievements, is his long relation and
contribution to the Department of Image Science at Danube University. He
teaches in courses that include the MediaArtHistories master’s program.
And, as (former) dean and professor of the School of Creative Media at
City University Hong Kong, Shaw functions as an important partner in the
new Erasmus+ program Media Arts Cultures, developed by a consortium of
Danube University, Aalborg University, Univerisity of Łódz, and City
University Hong Kong, and led by Professor Grau, Chair of the Department
of Image Science at Danube University.
The solemn ceremony will take place on Thursday, September 8th 2016, 6
p.m. at Danube University. 
Department for Image Science 
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