[spectre] Podcasts with Adam Zaretsky

Annick2 anikburo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 12:27:45 CEST 2016

Dear Spectrites,

I am happy to bring to your attention 3 new "ear candy" in 
the Leonardo podcast series on the META-LIFE channel, 3 
podcasts (no less !) with Adam Zaretsky.

Enjoy !


•	What’s so Sexy with the Biological? [ENG]
Adam Zaretsky is an artist and professor in Media Arts at 
Marist College (NY, USA) who develops a practice that 
integrates the fields of Ecology, Biotechnology, Performance 
and Gastronomy. Drawing upon the questions raised by one of 
his texts on transgenic art, the podcast addresses several 
issues such as the bioethics of new technology, that of 
genetic modification, the public understanding of science or 
even the appeal for biology in contemporary art. Is science 
making better performance than art? How far ranging human 
gene editing can get us to? What is so sexy with the 
biological today?

•	Curie’s children and the biological exuberance [ENG]
Why should artists and designers worry about the production 
of drugs and food? In this second part of the interview, 
bioartist Adam Zaretsky defends his views on the ethics and 
aesthetics of utility, with respect to local context, values 
and culture. Echoing with Flusser’s ideas in Curie’s 
Children [Art Forum, 1988], the remaining part of the 
podcast deals with the topics of human enhancement and 
biological exuberance, Zaretsky calling for the advancement 
of a queer transhumanism.

•	We are wild poetry! Hubris, de­extinction and speculative 
art [ENG]
In this final section of the interview, Adam Zaretsky shares 
his views on the relationship between literature and 
biology, code and language, poetry and bioinformatics. He 
addresses the question of hubris in biotechnology and 
delivers his take on sensitive issues such as human gene 
editing and resurrection biology. The podcast also talks 
about the place of speculative thought in new media art.

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