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By Cornelia Sollfrank and Rachel Baker.

Techno-feminisms are, once again, on the ascent. The Xenofeminist
Manifesto, published in 2015 by the collective Laboria Cuboniks, is a
provocative and elaborate example for the renewed exhortation for gendered
bodies to merge with technology, rationality and the sciences in order to
defeat white supremacist patriarchal capitalism.

Cornelia Sollfrank, a practising technofeminist artist with a long history
and rich experience in building and contributing to cyber-feminist-net-art
platforms and organisations, and Rachel Baker, a former ‘net artist’
currently involved in collaborative feminist performance and writing
practices, are curious: What drives the resurrected hype around
techno-feminisms? What is new about the future 30 years after
Cyberfeminism? Will the current techno-feminist virus take hold? Or has
recent history resulted in an aesthetic immunity to the strategy of
“seductive semiotic parasites?”

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