[spectre] PZI Master Media Design and Communication: Experimental Publishing

Aymeric Mansoux aymeric at kuri.mu
Wed May 4 10:33:52 CEST 2016


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The final deadline for applying to the new Media Design and
Communication Master study path Experimental Publishing is May 15th.


>From app stores to art book fairs and zine shops, from darknets to
sneakernets, from fansubs to on-demand services, and from tweeting to
whistleblowing, the act of making things public, that is to say
publishing, has became pivotal in an age infused with myriad media

In response, the new Experimental Publishing programme at the Piet Zwart
Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, NL), aims at
challenging the protocols of publishing in terms that are social,
technical, cultural and political; involving actors both human and
algorithmic; mediated by networks of distribution and communication of
varying scales and visibility.

For more information, visit the Experimental Publishing course dev log
at https://xpub.pzimediadesign.nl

or git clone https://xpub.pzimediadesign.nl/.git



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