[spectre] your face is big data

János Sugár sj at c3.hu
Sat May 28 21:21:07 CEST 2016

Russia's new FindFace app identifies strangers in a crowd with 70 
percent accuracy

Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity

Egort Svetkov: Nowadays the power structures begin to lose their 
monopoly control over the ability to identify a person's face and 
identify him with the help of photos and videos. But people are 
accustomed to differentiate patterns of behavior in society and 
social networks, and leave the ability to spy on their opinion of the 
best, successful moments of their lives for strangers. Such digital 
narcissism - a product of a culture of free expression that defines 
the boundaries of private and public in our time.
We often do not use the privacy settings specifically, and this has 
given rise to a network stalking. Using free-for-all software I was 
looking for the people who sat in front of me on the train 
underground. I learned about the life of people without any contact 
with them through the photos on the social network by comparing a 
real image with a web representation. Modern technologies thus allow 
to continue the practice of Vito Acconci and Sophie Calle - these 
artists followed the habits of the human body and its position in 
space. They did not focus on the personalities of people but only 
constructed character. The ability of quickly and anonymous searching 
people in network helps trace not for impersonal subject and within 
seconds converts to a friend incognito.
Find the project here:

Face recognition app FindFace may make you want to take down all your 
online photos

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