[spectre] Berlin June 6th: Rare concert by Legendary Improv Masters Marginal Consort

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Tue May 31 21:00:54 CEST 2016

*Marginal Consort*
June 6th, 2016 | Doors 19, Concert 19:30—22:30
St. Elisabeth Kirche — Invalidenstraße 3, Berlin

FB event <https://goo.gl/66oony>
Tickets <http://bit.ly/1SNIXJj>
Video trailer <https://vimeo.com/167650828>

A rare 3-hour concert by the legendary avant-garde improvisation
collective Marginal
– their first ever appearance in Germany, in the dramatic setting of
Berlin’s St. Elisabeth Kirche. <http://www.elisabeth.de>

Marginal Consort collectively produce events that blur the traditional
distinctions between sound art and visual art. Influenced by their
teacher Takehisa
Kosugi <http://whitney.org/Exhibitions/TakehisaKosugi>, pioneer of
experimental music in Japan in the 1960s and closely associated with the
Fluxus movement and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Marginal Consort's
improvisation is freed of instrumental language. Their extended music of
riotous inventiveness forms a tangible relationship between sound, time and
the environment.

"*When people think of improvisation, which is made up of sounds, they
think of playing music. But the activity that takes place here is not
limited to playing. There are sounds, for instance, that result from
certain actions, and actions that do not have sound production as their
object*." — Kazuo Imai

Marginal Consort operates unlike regular bands. Each member is an
independent soloist and just once a year they come together. In 2016 they
made an exception. Invited to be part of the 100th Anniversary of Dadaism
Festival in December in Tokyo and to perform at Sound Live Tokyo, they will
have another show in London at St. John Church at Hackney
<http://stjohnsessions.co.uk/events/2016/06/marginal-consort/> before their
Berlin debut in June.

Presented in collaboration with PAN
<http://p-a-n.org/release/marginal-consort-instal-glasgow-2008/>. Supported
by Initiative Neue Musik e.V. <http://www.inm-berlin.de/> In cooperation
with Thirty Three Thirty Three <http://thirtythreethirtythree.com/>.
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