[spectre] Experience Design, Machine Learning, and Speculative Prototyping*

Zola zola at schoolofma.org
Thu Jul 13 16:57:46 CEST 2017

Join Designing Hypotheticals this August!

In this four-week intensive program guided by artists and speculative designers Sascha Pohflepp and Chris Woebken, you will be designing experiences through use of live-action role play techniques (LARPing), computer vision, machine learning, and speculative prototyping.

We will provide a framework that revolves around a rapidly changing world increasingly bound to be populated by non-humans, both natural and artificial—such as advanced AI systems. Making their perspectives experienceable is going to be a key angle to designing for the new societies that will emerge.

The techniques will be diverse and collaborative exploration will be encouraged. A design for a specific community may be prototyped by crafting a narrative and using it as a laboratory in an iterative design process. More fictional challenges could be prototyped in a virtual environment allowing for a collaborative exploration of otherwise impossible spaces.

The curriculum includes: ideas/concepts/larping/play, prototyping designs with computer vision, machine learning, fabrication, and show production!

Bring something you would like to explore within the field of your work. Bring a question. Bring a design or engineering problem. Bring an unexplored world. Bring an experiment.

For more information and application go here: <http://schoolofma.org/august2017/>

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