[spectre] Poetics of Politics--artistic and cultural practice in the current euro-political climate

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*Poetics of Politics**
**23. June 2017, 10.00 to 18.30 Linz, Kunstuniversität****Linz**, 
Domgasse 1, Audimax, 1. OG*

Artists, hackers, political scientists, cultural producers, educators 
and students – Poetics of Politics (PoP) is an one day boot camp and 
symposium in artivism, supported by Interface Cultures.

Featured speakers: UberMorgen, Monika Mokre,Robert Pfaller, Us(c)hi 
Reiter,Maximilian Thoman (Future of Demonstration) .

Politics of Mobiles by Mario Romera*
*2057: Speculative Climate Fiction by**Julia Nüßlein & Gabriela Gordillo


Our current social order is surely reaching a critical period of its 
time. With the rise of ethno-national parties and fragmentation of 
European Union, authoritarianism feed on xenophobia generated by 
'terrorism'. Dazzled by the hyperreality of overloading information and 
sensation from media channels,we find ourselves questioning the future 
of borderless and multi-cultural landscape of Europe. Is cultural 
diversity deteriorating or is it a transition of new order ? Or is such 
turbulent time catalysis of artistic and cultural resistance? What does 
activism mean in such context?Is it a event? a desire? or emotion?

Our future is heading toward the unknown. Can we find the possible new 
vision, structure, model and tool through the act of art?

Poetics of Politics(PoP) is an one day boot camp in artivism. The aim is 
to interweave the euro-political discourse with multiplex roles, formats 
and disciplines in terms of art, activism and technology. The program 
includes symposium, temporary library as research space, workshop and 
social gathering.

The symposium is composed of practitioners and theorists from a diverse 
background and insights in arts and politics, imagining clarity, 
narrative and strategy for the possible future. The library serves as a 
hub for ideologies while passionate manifestations evolved into workshop 
and performance.

Link: https://goo.gl/BuVz2q
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