[spectre] CFP: In and Out of Art History: The Video Games Conundrum

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From: Bill Balaskas <bill.balaskas at gmail.com>
Date: Mar 21, 2017
Subject: CFP: In and Out of Art History: The Video Games Conundrum

Deadline: Apr 23, 2017

In and Out of Art History: The Video Games Conundrum

LEA (The MIT Press) Special Issue

In recent years, renowned museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in 
New York have started acquiring video games for their permanent 
collections. At the same time, other leading art institutions have been 
expanding their engagement with video games beyond collection and 
preservation. Notably, in 2013 the Victoria and Albert Museum in London 
appointed its first ever Games Designer in Residence. Those initiatives 
reflect the rapid technical and conceptual evolution of video games over 
the past four decades, which has resulted in their gradual recognition 
as a new type of cultural object. However, the firm establishment of 
video games as a distinct art form remains a rather contested subject 
not only among art historians, but also among cultural theorists and 
practitioners at large. The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (The MIT Press) 
is inviting proposals from academics, art historians, video game 
theorists and practitioners, for an issue examining video games in 
relationship to and within art history. The issue aims to locate and 
investigate questions such as: Can we identify moments when art history 
and the history of video games are bound together? Are there modes of 
inquiry that can be developed to mutual benefit? Can video games 
challenge now canonized and hegemonic discourses within art history?

Relevant areas of interest addressed by the issue’s contributors could 
include, but are by no means limited to:

- Historical precursors
- Artistic practices of multiple authorship
- Intersections with digital theories and methodologies
- Video games as interactive and experience-based art
- Online gaming and the democratization of the cultural object
- Indie games
- ‘Art games’ and their relation to the mainstream gaming industry
- Ludological and narratological approaches

Please submit your abstract by April 23, 2017.

The deadline for submission of full articles will be July 20, 2017.

See abstract and paper submission process and guidelines here: 

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CFP: In and Out of Art History: The Video Games Conundrum. In: 
H-ArtHist, Mar 21, 2017. <https://arthist.net/archive/15011>.


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