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*Ràdio Web MACBA: deleted scenes* <https://rwm.macba.cat/en/deleted_scenes>

This week we've been working A LOT on forthcoming deleted scenes. They are
often overlooked, yet they are full of gems and insightful thoughts.

*Some of our favs are:*

*1- with André Lepecki*


*00:00* Idiorrhythmic life forms: how to live together
*05:12* Non-participation
*11:05* Assimilation in neocapitalism
*14:07* Hooman Sharifi's approach: dignity comes from complaining
*15:55* Facebook = the poison

*2- with Matthew Fuller*


*00:00* Direct action
*03:18* Software power
*04:15* Flat design
*09:59* Heat, bodies, protest

*3- with Laura Mulvey*


*00:00* I thought of “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” as a pattern
*01:30* The question of women in films and the question of production and
*04:39* Parity vs exclusion
*05:05* The triumph of capitalism
*10:16* Austerity measures with women in power

*4- with Yayo Herrero (in Spanish)*


*00:00* Fear is only paralysing if you don’t know where to run. Turning
fear into something positive
*00:57* When we increase the scale, we become disconnected from our bodies
and the earth
*04:06* Reactions: free trade treaties, refugees
*07:16* The polarisation of the new political categories and ecofeminism as
a bridge-builder
*11:41* Recompose: from the individual to the collective
*13:31* The western cultural hegemony
*20:14* Symbolic misery and the role of art

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