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Thu Aug 29 06:03:13 CEST 2019

On behalf of Keith Armstrong - keith at embodiedmedia.com <mailto:keith at embodiedmedia.com>

Just released!! QUT Creative Lab now has 5 exciting Art & Science Scholarships available for applications throughout September! Do you want to be paid to research & create works that span the science lab/field science environment and QUT's Creative Research centre? If so, please consider applying ASAP for a doctoral scholarship to work with our committed ecological scientists, robotic scientists or health and biomedical innovation scientists. Full details in the link! #QUTCreativeLab #QUTCreate. Please share!
https://research.qut.edu.au/creativelab/about/scholarships/ <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fresearch.qut.edu.au%2Fcreativelab%2Fabout%2Fscholarships%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR00MW6dkjHlCCo5Tcvv-4fEENFHZ8BaogWPEuB0Y_cKKM_mZMhXr8SM3uc&h=AT1iiAPBcRxtpcrMwBHy0vU9ytQdKJSUTzDZr3F7EVoDtmQcQr22nYP8U5cuQiOX8uWdXHbgM1aGNdRT-YY7zTYB-ZqVfeInFmc9PHb4CIbh6_j98lPjc9stuCQ0BkOaLPYJP8tdqfxBHuYEesCM8fQN>

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