[spectre] Closed-call for collaboration at TopLab - Bioart mini residency

Tuçe Erel erel.tuce at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 20:44:37 CET 2019

Dear Spectre community,

>top Trandisciplinary Project Space is happy to announce inauguration of
mini-residency series with Berlin-based artists to collaborate with TopLab
members. TopLab is an infrastructure, which allows artists/scientist to
work and experiment within the lab environment, which is not heavily
regulated and institutionalized. It is a community lab, supported by the
association and its members. Mini-residency aims to invite Berlin-based
artists to collaborate with our TopLab members, Mirela Alistar, Tuçe Erel,
Mindaugas Gapševičius, and Alessandro Volpato.

The residency program can be minimum 2 weeks up to 6 weeks from April
through June, 2019. The schedule of the residency with our members will be
designed together with the artist(s), which will be 3 hours per day, up to
4 days in a week at TopLab.

We will provide you a space to work, time to collaborate with our members
at our lab, opportunity to work closely with our community. At the end of
the residency, resident artist will present their work (could be on-going
work or result of your residency) at Top Transdisciplinary Project Space.
The presentation format could be artist-talk, exhibition, presentation or
At this level, we do not have any funding, for that reason, we will provide
our time, space, equipment, labor and collaboration. We expect your
interest in these following topics:
- living organisms, microbiome, body fluids,
- smell and scent
- pigment extraction, spectrophotometry
- microfluidics
- soil, humus
This is a CLOSED CALL, please circulate this residency opportunity through
your connections, who could be interested artist, based in Berlin. The
application deadline is 10th of March (midnight). Please send one PDF file
to lab at top-ev.de email address, including a cover letter why you are
interested in collaborating with TopLab members, your short biography,
portfolio, and your concept that you would like to focus at TopLab.

>top Trandisciplinary Project Space offers cultural events to local and
translocal communities. It is inhabited and run by a transdisciplinary
group of international artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, writers,
scientists, activists and a cook. The space and its infrastructure,
containing a biolab (TopLab), a server, a wood workshop, a shared
workspace, a kitchen and an event space, is used collaboratively by its
community and is made accessible through events organized by its members
and guests. Founded in 2015 as collaboration with Schillerpalais e. V. and
upgraded in 2017, TOP is a project space for curiosity, creativity,
education and transdisciplinary research. It serves as a platform for
science, technology and art. People have access to DIY workshops, academic
discussions, art exhibitions and screenings, and they can develop their own
http://top-ev.de * http://lab.top-ev.de

Tuce Erel (née Silahtarlioglu)

Johanniterstrasse 11
10961 Berlin, Deutschland
DE M: +49 1522 3690146 <+49%201522%203690146>
TR M :+90 541 541 8823 <+90%20541%20541%2088%2023>
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