[spectre] function(“innocence”,2019) Digital and Electronic Art Festival of Mallorca

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Tue Mar 12 22:01:50 CET 2019

Dear Spectrites,

We have just launched the opening call for *function(), Digital and
Electronic Art Festival of Mallorca*: an initiative to develop a digital
culture beyond mere conventional software usage. It has been created with
the aim of forming a community of shared knowledge around digital art

This year, the main theme of the first edition is “*innocence*”.

*/* (”innocence”, 2019) *

In this Digital Age reliance on technology has lead to unseen

repercussions in political, personal, ethical and even ecological

dimensions. This may be described as a digital innocence.

Digital innocence can be about generational constraints

related to technology; it can also be about the ignorance of designed

decisions that we confront, as users, hundreds of times in our daily lives.

It can be about how enthusiastic speeches towards technology fed by

capitalism have finally been revealed as made up stories.

Digital innocence can be about redefining established roles, related to the

production and consumption of technology.

Overall, digital innocence is about how curiosity and intuition are

needed in our relationship with technology. Being creative towards

the comprehension of their implications and possibilities has become

somewhat essential.

Check out our landing page for further details: http://functionfest.com/

I hope this is of interest to you.

All the best,
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