[spectre] Leonardo/Olats : LASER Paris and other news

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Wed Mar 13 14:38:16 CET 2019

Dear Spectrites,

2019 started in full swing for Leonardo/Olats : the news of 
a funding from the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation 
(www.fondationcarasso.org/) allows us to initiate or to 
better deploy our projects.
Here it goes !

*LASER Paris* (website under construction)
It is with great pleasure that we are reconducting our 
collaboration and partnership with La Diagonale Paris-Saclay 
(www.ladiagonale-paris-saclay.fr) to organise the LASER 
Paris meetings.
In 2019, LASER Paris will take place in different parisian 
cultural venues. The first one will take place on Thursday 
June 13 (from 19h00) with Victoria Vesna (full programme and 
location to be announced shortly).

*Leonardo Space Art Science Workshop*
Well into the 21st Century, after 14 years of interruption, 
Leonardo/Olats thought that the time had come to consider 
anew the field of space art, science and culture and to 
relaunch in a slightly different scope and formats its 
« Space Workshop ».
The first workshop, only by invitation (programme closed), 
of this new series of three is taking place on March 23rd 
and 24th. We are working on differents formats for 
delivering the results of our activities beyond the usual 

*Maison Malina Residencies*
Leonardo/Olats is launching a by-invitation residency 
programme in the Malina family house. Those short period 
residencies are meant for artists, scientists, researchers, 
curators, critics and all other sorts of players in the 
field of art and technosciences.
In January, we had the great pleasure to welcome our first 
residents : the artist Anaïs Tondeur in duet with the 
philosopher Michael Marder.
We are also working on the production of the « Traces » of 
those residencies.

And ... YES ... we are going to redesign our website, but 
its current design being super vintage, we’ll keep it into 
an archive !

Stay Tune !


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