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It’s good to see that the pioneering work of Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski (1922 - 1994) is finally getting some recognition:
Solid Light: Josef Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski
1 April – 14 July 2019 - McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, Frankston, VIC, Australia
https://www.mcclellandgallery.com/future-exhibitions-2/ <https://www.mcclellandgallery.com/future-exhibitions-2/>
https://www.facebook.com/mcclellandsculptureparkandgallery <https://www.facebook.com/mcclellandsculptureparkandgallery>

Born in Poland in 1922, Josef Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski moved to Australia in 1949 and became pivotal in the development of Australian experimental and new media art. Pioneering electronic art, he made innovations in computer and laser technology, including kinetics and sound, which he applied to visual art, music and theatre. He was the first artist in Australia to use television as an artistic medium, and arguably the first in the world to use lasers in a stage production. His radical approach to marrying art and technology drew much criticism from critics and peers, yet his work gathered much interest in international experimental art circles.

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