[spectre] Fwd: Deep Europe Workshop and visa station

Andreas Broeckmann ab at mikro.in-berlin.de
Fri Mar 29 21:04:45 CET 2019

Dear documenta x (1997) participants, Apsardse!!

this researcher (see below) is looking for images of the Deep Europe 
Workshop in the Hybrid Workspace... Please, send her (and/or me) scans 
or "digital originals" of images that you may have kept of this heroic 
moment in the history of the Syndicate... (the fore-runner list of Spectre).

Best regards,

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Betreff: 	Deep Europe Workshop and visa station
Datum: 	Fri, 29 Mar 2019 10:00:28 +0000
Von: 	Anya Smirnova <Anna.Smirnova at courtauld.ac.uk>
An: 	ab at mikro.in-berlin.de <ab at mikro.in-berlin.de>

Dear Andreas,

I hope this finds you well and that you don't mind my writing to you 
again with a question.

I have been researching the Deep Europe Workshop in the at Documenta X 
in 1997 that you organised together with the Syndicate list group, and 
was wondering if you might have in your archive any images of the event. 
I have searched online and in publications, but unfortunately wasn't 
able to locate any material.

I would be interested in general documentation of the events, but also 
in particular in the images of the Deep Europe visa station performance. 
I'd be immensely grateful if you would be able to point me in the right 

With best wishes,


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