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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Please publish- invitation to artists to participate in a
>       performance in Venice (suncica)
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> Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 10:08:25 +0200
> From: suncica <sunci.on.stage at gmail.com>
> To: spectre at mikrolisten.de
> Subject: [spectre] Please publish- invitation to artists to
>         participate in a performance in Venice
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> *Dear Spectre*
> My name is Sunci (Suncica Kuzmanic Perisin Tomljanovic) Im a
> Croatian-British artist realizing an independent / guerrilla -project
> /perofmance ," A coffee in Venice" during the Biannale opening,  week ,3-9
> May 2019.  From 8 am -12 am (possibly longer into the afternoon) in Venice,
> At Florian’s bar, on St Marks Square. For this performance I will to paint
> from life- portraits of artists who are exhibiting in Venice during this
> biennale.
>  The intention is to paint a collection of portraits of living contemporary
> artists working in Europe this year. The portraits I will collect  during a
> series  of performances , conducted in the same way in a number of cities
> hosting large art exhibitions, when the collection of portraits of artists
> becomes substantial- it will be exhibited.
> My art practice is about exploring, and documenting for the future, the
> story of contemporary peoples. I work on numerous conceptual projects
> trough which I investigate the lives and passions of groups of people,
> interactive performance is a part of my method- and painting is often an
> end product / document .
> Artists I feel,  often are sort of hidden by the limelight of their art
> works- I have always loved portraits of artists by their friends- and I
> would like on this most fun and visited event of the art year,  to actually
> document the artists who create the biennale expirence-  offer  them a
> moment of tranquility in which they relax have a coffee with me, and become
> a muse of an art work them self. The performance I have already conducted
> in Split, and will conduct in Athens in June around the dates of the Desde
> foundation openings, during Fireze in London, and during Art market
> Budapest.
> Would you be so kind as to  publish my invitation or your edited version of
> it- to the artists who are going to phisically be in Venice 3-9 May 2019-
> and who are exhibiting so those who wish to participate in the performance
> can.?
> As a context to my work- Im was borne 1983 Split, ,  Graduated St Martins
> college fine arts, in london in 2006,  since 2004  I am exhibiting  solo
> and group projects, internationally,  and have in 2007 exhibited at the
> Arsenale nuovo during the biennale that expirence possibley inspiring this
> project.
> Thank you for all your assitance
> Sunci
> Invitation to fellow artists
> Dear Artist
> I would like to invite you for a traditional Venetian coffee with myself-
> at Florian’s Bar- Where I will paint your portrait form life in
> watercolour. By inviting the you the artist, for coffee there, I wish to
> afford you a little break form the madness of the biennale, a serene moment
> to relax enjoy coffee & chat, and an opportunity to be yourself the muse of
> an art work.
> The portrait painting takes 30- ish minutes, and it would be best to
> schedule your painting time in advance. By coming to coffee, you will be
> participating in my 6-day performance:  “A coffee in Venice”
> With the backdrop of St. Mark’s Square and the gorgeous Florian’s bar, to
> the public we will appear as that idyllic / romantic/ contrived, image, of
> art being made on the streets as in all tourist meccas. While there is a
> century old tradition of artist’s people watching and painting in bars, the
> live painting of portraits is usually something conducted behind the closed
> doors of the studio. The energy and exchange between artist and muse is
> both fragile and loaded, it carries a certain magic which we shall expose
> during this performance, to the public, to whom will be our self’s  the
> aesthetic picture, open to interpretation.
> By the end of the week I will have painted a collection of portraits which
> will represent and document the versatility of artists exhibiting in Venice
> this year. The performance shall be repeated in a number of cities hosting
> large art exhibitions this year, before the collection of portraits created
> during the performances is exhibited all together. The performance was
> firstly conducted in April 2019 in Split, Croatia, it will be realized in
> Athens June 18-22, 2019, London & Budampest in October.
> *The performance will be conducted in Florian’s bar / terrace, 3-9 May
> 2019, Each morning from 8am to 12am and possibly after 12am into the
> afternoon- depending on number of artists wishing to participate. – *
> *To book your painting time. Please contact Sunci on 00385993415060 (wasup
> / Viber)  Sunci.on.stage gmail.com <http://gmail.com> / Instagram
> Sunci.sunci.sunci*
> If you just turn up there unannounced- you will recognise, me by my “ lady
> artist uniform” designed for the  performance- by the wonderful Anamaria
> Asnovic, Tamara Bombardelli, topped with the most distinctive feature- a
> fun Victoria Grant hat .
> Sunci / Suncica Kuzmanic Perisin Tomljanovic's- Art practice is
> anthropological-  Sunci investigates the lives and passions of contemporary
> people , trough numerous interactive projects, which  include performance
> and painting. The projects lead the artist on a personal and emotional
> exchange with the groups of muses, and are a journey into different worlds,
> while the art pieces produced out of the projects, can be used as
> documents of the contemporary human, for the future.
> Looking forwards to meeting & painting you,
> Sunci
> Sunčica Kuzmanić - Perišin-Tomljanović
> Instagram sunci.sunci.sunci
> http://suncionstage.blogspot.com/
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