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La Stesa


 A project by Ilario Caliendo

“La Stesa” (to hang clothes on clotheslines), it’s a daily rite that
repeats over time, it’s sociality, it’s chatting with neighbors, it’s
weaving a canvas of communications, contacts and friendships, it’s creating
a common space in which, women, shuffling the affairs of home, can also
find space for themselves. But in Naples, Parthenopean town, where
everything changes, and even the smallest certainty may disappear, “La
Stesa” is no longer the reminder of the scent of cloths drying in the sun.
It is no longer the memory of the nose up and the eyes full of colors and
fluttering fabrics. This term has taken on a new meaning. Today, ”making La
Stesa” means shooting in the air or on the buildings so that everybody get
on the ground. Ilario, with his work, tells two antithetical realities that
coexist in the same place. On the one hand, freedom, sociality,
communication, air, sun, on the other, people who, while walking in the
street, suddenly hear the noise of the shoots and fall to the ground.

For future press inquiries and public presentations of the project, you can
write to ilariocaliendo at gmail.com

Thank you for your attention.

Ilario Caliendo


Ilario Caliendo
Via Giuseppe Ulivi 8 - 54033 Carrara (MS)
Tel. 3392412618

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