[spectre] Cyberpolitics, 15th & 16th of November, Coïmbra University

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Political philosophy of the future. 
Coimbra University 15-16 Novembro, 2019 
The task of tracing the new frontiers of the political implies a critical effort that faces a double 
difficulty: first of all, the confrontation between contemporary political theory and the virtual speed 
of the present that results in a complex delimitation and circumscription of a new hermeneutic 
horizon of the public space; and a second obstacle that consists of the construction of the concept of 
Cyberpolitics itself that, by its paradigmatic nature, involves a transformation and metamorphosis 
which we will also try to map. This effort will require a genealogical investigation into the concept 
of Cyberpolitics which derives from Cyberculture studies, but also the mapping of its different
levels and fields of significance. This work-in-progress notion, in the crossroads of politics and 
aesthetics, will be challenged different perspectives. The analysis on the construction of the concept 
of Cyberpolitics, which will permit us to address the changes in the political regarding its 
technological implications in reshaping the public space, will also allow us to underline the notion 
of crisis as an operating concept.
In fact, technology and new media are the central conceptual 
characters in the political beginning of the 21st century. Cyberpolitics is the concept that can help us 
understand this paradigmatic change in the present that will certainly imply a review of all the 
categories of the legal and political building.

Informations and programm : http://www.uc.pt/fluc/uidief/atividades, https://www.uc.pt/fluc/uidief/Certificados/CyberProgram2019
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