[spectre] ribs#08 - Sybella Perry / Diana Combo

Therese Schuleit ts at elektronentoto.mobi
Thu Jul 2 19:47:17 CEST 2020

a dear invitation to tune in until 21:00 on 

Sybella Perry will present material from her upcoming publication & LP release, Rustic Airs. The publication uses the example of folk airs; interchangeable tunes that travelled and were adapted, in search for a way of thinking that addresses mobility, transformation and plurality. In an approach that combines generative electroacoustic composition with instrumental recordings of folk music, and critical writing with travelogue; change occurs in the gaps between notes and counts, between people, between spaces and places, words and topical fields.

In the 70s, ethnomusicologist Michel Giacometti recorded genuine singing forms that accompanied the farmers’ daily lives. Since 2013 Diana Combo has been working on Giacometti’s archive, through appropriation, sampling and versioning traditional chants and work songs. Desacordo is made of Giacometti’s original recordings, samples from vinyl records and Combo’s own voice. In a porous overlapping, Diana allows other times and other bodies, those of rural Portugal, to take refuge in the present, and to be projected into the future. 

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Therese Schuleit

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