[spectre] Podcast: INTERRUPTIONS #15. Cumulative Tails, by Vicki Bennett/People Like Us

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Tue Jul 14 15:18:28 CEST 2020

Podcast: INTERRUPTIONS #15. Cumulative Tails, by Vicki Bennett/People Like

This radio mix is a journey through Vicki Bennett's memory and the
connections it makes, and somewhere along the line it will meet and take
you somewhere too.

Listen: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/interruptions-15-cumulative-tails

Keywords: collage, plunderphonics, radio, archive

While searching for material for my project 'Radio Boredcast' (2012), I
came across an episode of the KPFA radio show 'Ode to Gravity' entitled
'Segue Tech'. In the show the presenters choose each track they play in
response to what the previous track reminds them of. 'Segue Tech' got me
thinking about the creative process and how in my experience it's rare that
the idea arrives in advance, as an intact gift-wrapped and gleaming entity.
More often, the 'idea' is exposed through a series of connections made
through the creative journey, as much emphasising the process as a
particular destination or end product. Similarly as human beings, our
knowledge and vocabulary first evolve through mimicry and then
experimentation with varying of these repeated actions of mimicry. While
discovering or just guessing a connection between something already known
and something new or unknown we then go on to develop a vast ever-expanding
web of cerebral connections, pinpointing all sorts of associations on a
giant non-existent map that may actually make no sense when looked at from
a distance.
*Vicki Bennett*
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