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30.07.2020   19 - 22 CEST
ribs #12	
Eleftherios Krysalis/ Meira Asher

“Sound is an important science for them” by Elefterios Krysalis is a hybrid piece between electroacoustic composition and radio feature and outcome of a research on the topic of “Politics of Listening: soundscapes from Ramallah, Palestine”.  Processed and raw field recordings together with interviews by people who are living or live once in the area are being used to narrate and question the soundscape of the area and its changes due to the political situation and the continuously changing reality. 

‘North Jordan Valley 2018’ by Meira Asher reproduces the evacuation and demolition orders issued to the Palestinian communities by the Israeli Civil Administration. The orders are vocallised throughout the piece. Meira Asher studied at the  California Institute of the Arts and the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. As a composer and performer she researches and includes Activist Social Documentary and the Amplification of the Human Body.

listen on www.p-node.org <http://www.p-node.org/>


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