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Lefteris Heretakis lefteris at heretakis.com
Wed Oct 7 08:53:51 CEST 2020

Dear Tim,

Welcome to Valencia Design Education Forum 2020 and our 2nd Year of the Forum!

We want to build on last years success and make this one even better. With your help we will!

Valencia Design Education Forum 2020 is organised by the team of the New Art School, Glug Valencia
and  EASDV, the School of Art and Design Of Design of Valencia, an educational centre
belonging to the Instituto Superior de Enseñanzas Artísticas (ISEACV) and others.

The mission of #VDEF2020 is to bring together industry, lecturers and students to discover new ways of working together,
forging curriculum that is more appropriate for this time. VDEF2020 is a practitioner’s conference that seeks solutions
that are immediately applicable for the betterment of Art and Design Education as a whole.

The theme of this year’s forum is Analogue+Digital. There are just 5 days left to submit proposals.

There are three ways of participating:
• A five (5) minute video presentation
• A 10-15 min remote / physical presentation (tbc)
• An online workshop

We are looking to have an honest and open conversation about the current state of practice based art and design education.
Register your interest for Valencia Design Education Forum 2020 5th and 6th of November 2020: https://forms.gle/6sdRBUv6QMaVSLn8A
Submissions deadline in the 10th of October 2020

For questions and submissions please email: design at newartschool.education

We are looking to have an honest and open conversation about the current state of practice based art and design education.

Please Promote our event:

Eventbrite.       LinkedIn         Facebook

It is important that you register for the event via eventbrite to be able to participate in various panels that will happen via zoom.

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Last week, we lost our high tech suite due to the covid19 measures here in Spain
It was quite a setback. However  instead of cancelling the forum we are moving forward.
Please forward our fundraising link to anyone you know that could possibly help.

Just 10€ from 360 individuals would ensure smooth funding for #VDEF2020
https://gogetfunding.com/valencia-design-education-forum-2020/ Thank you!!!

Design Education Talks Podcast - An open discussion on art and design education, creativity and design thinking by designer and lecturer Lefteris Heretakis and the team of the New Art school.

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Tickets are now available Valencia Design Education Forum 2020

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