[spectre] invitation to AIR/HMC, Budapest exhibit

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Thu Oct 15 16:13:29 CEST 2020

The Corona Virus descended upon the world.  Borders closed and flights were
cancelled.  As our AIR/HMC, Budapest, Environmental & BookArt exhibition,
and MiniArtVideoFest (MAVF) was scheduled for August-September, 2020,
Budapest, the situation continues to worsen and borders are still closed.  We
have decided to make a virtual show for the artists.  We will miss being
together in person this year.  We thank our galleries, partners, collectors
and community and look forward to the future.  Please see our virtual
exhibition.  With warmest regards,

Beata Szechy

Exhibitiing artists:

*AIR/HMC, Budapest *- Amna Ilyas, Dubai,UAE;  Bennett Mooney, Calgary, CAN;
Carla Cristino, Portugal, Steven Tonkin, AUS

*Environmental & BookArt *- Andrea Morganstern, NY;  Evan Larson-Voltz, MI;
Françoise Soulé Zinsou Déesse, CO;  Jesse J Ring, AR; Kathleen Pompe,
SC;  Leslie
Atkins, WA;  Mady Piesold, Germany;  Miguel Barros, CAN;  Nora Moore Lloyd,
IL; Pamela Paulsrud, IL;  Sandra Johnson, WA;  Scott Durka, UT;  Thomas
Pickarski, NY;  Albina Litvinova, Ukraine;  Maral Taheritari,
Netherlands;  Maryna
Vashchenko, Ukraine;  Mohammad Taufiq, Indonesia;  Monica Paulon, Italy;
Muzaffar  Yulchiboev, Uzbekistan;  Petra Grupp, Germany;  Steven Tonkin, AUS

*MAVF* - Dan Mirer, NY;  John Norris, KY;  Kathryn Guest, OH;  Olga Guse,
Germany;  Riedstra,


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