[spectre] News From Where We Are # 3 - The Radical Friendship series

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Hi all,

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However, I imagine some of you may be interested in Furtherfield new podcast series for 2021.

News From Where We Are # 3 - The Radical Friendship series

Welcome to Furtherfield's cultural podcast grounded in news from where we are. We may be experiencing all kinds of restrictions on our lives due to the pandemic, but we still have access to thriving networked cultures from around the world.

And this podcast is dedicated to the collaborative-imaginative fieldwork of artists, techies, and activists informing how we organise, imagine and build solidarity, good health and post-capitalist realities. Working together and supporting others to do the same.

In 2021 we celebrate 25 years of radical friendship at Furtherfield. We revisit and open up conversations with some of the fascinating and radical people with whom we have worked and collaborated through the years from Internet to post-digital contexts. They are changing culture, their lives, and the lives of their communities.

We are interested in unearthing an ecological economy, relational understanding, and lived lives, alongside survival strategies, critical thinking and grassroots systems of peer and individual engagement, as part of the art context. We are examining power and how lives get lived, on whose terms.

Featured on the podcast

Filippo Florenzin is interviewing artist and independent, Mexican Curator, Doreen Rios. Founder of [ANTI]MATERIA an online platform dedicated to the research and exhibition of Latin-American Digital Art.

Ruth Catlow reads to us her foreword for the DisCO manifesto by Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel. disco.coop/manifesto/

Marc Garrett interviews artist Kate Southworth about her work with Art, Technology and Witchcraft, an Irish/British artist living in Cornwall, UK.

We have experimental, Avant-Folk by artists Alan Sondheim & Azure Carter, from their latest, excellent album Plaguesong.

We also have Stewart Home, the radically inauthentic communist sex witch & fed-up author, reading snippets from his recent book edited by Home - Denizen of the Dead published by Cripplegate Books. Denizen Of The Dead: The Horrors Of Clarendon Court Published.

And, we have other sound treats fluidly appearing in between the guests’ contributions.

Main image. Mapping Sol, 2019. Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm. Kate Southworth.

News From Where We Are # 3 - The Radical Friendship series by furtherfield is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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