[spectre] Podcast series on the history of sampling: VARIATIONS, curated and produced by Jon Leidecker

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Wed Feb 10 19:09:44 CET 2021

curated and produced by Jon Leidecker*


‘Variation’ is the formal term for a musical composition based on a
previous musical work, and many of those traditional methods (changing the
key, meter, rhythm, harmonies or tempi of a piece) are used in much the
same manner today by sampling musicians. But the practice of sampling is
more than a simple modernization or expansion of the number of options
available to those who seek their inspiration in the refinement of previous
composition. The history of this music traces nearly as far back as the
advent of recording, and its emergence and development mirrors the
increasingly selfconscious relationship of society to its experience of
music. Starting with the precedents achieved by Charles Ives and John Cage,
presents an overview of the major landmarks in Sampling Music, following
examples in twentieth century composition, folk art and commercial media
through to the meeting of all those threads in the present day.

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