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Announcing the publication of Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis: Steps Towards 
a Metacosmics by Daniel Ross.

Like all Open Humanities Press books, Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis is 
available for free:


The great acceleration that has become known as the Anthropocene has 
brought with it destructive consequences that threaten to give rise to a 
dangerous and potentially explosive convergent reaching of limits, not 
just climatically or biospherically, but psychosocially. This 
convergence demands a new kind of thinking and a reconsideration of 
fundamental philosophical, political and economic theory in light 
especially of the age of computational capitalism, in order to prevent 
this convergence from becoming absolutely catastrophic. The French 
philosopher Bernard Stiegler argued that the basis for such a 
reconsideration must be, in a very general way, the thought of entropy. 
Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis examines, draws on, and dialogues with 
Stiegler’s work, and aims to take steps towards this new kind of 
thinking. Borrowing also from Georges Canguilhem and Peter Sloterdijk, 
among others, it argues as well for an immunological perspective that 
sees psychopolitical convulsions as a kind of anaphylactic shock that 
threatens to prove fatal. The paradox that must ultimately be confronted 
in the Anthropocene conceived as an Entropocene is the contradiction 
between the urgent need for a global emergency procedure and the equally 
necessary task of finding the time to carefully rethink our way beyond 
this anaphylaxis. The task of thinking today must be to inhabit this 
paradox and make it the basis of a new dynamic.

Psychopolitical Anaphylaxis is published in our Critical Climate Chaos: 
Irreversibility series, which is edited by Tom Cohen and Claire Colebrook:


Author bio

Daniel Ross has translated numerous books by Bernard Stiegler, including 
most recently Nanjing Lectures 2016-2019 (Open Humanities Press) and The 
Age of Disruption: Technology and Madness in Computational Capitalism 
(Polity Press). With David Barison, he is the co-director of the 
award-winning philosophical documentary, The Ister, which premiered at 
the Rotterdam Film Festival and was the recipient of the Prix du 
Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche (GNCR) and the Prix de 
l’AQCC at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal (2004). He is the 
author of Violent Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2004) and many 
articles and book chapters on the work of Bernard Stiegler.

Other recent titles from Open Humanities Press include: Aesthetic 
Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies, by Winnie Soon and Geoff Cox:


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