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*Department of expanded media*


*announces an open call for submission of artworks  for the exhibition
to the centenary of the publication of the *avant-garde magazine Zenit*



 *Zenit: international magazine for art and culture*

*Zenit is the most significant avant-garde magazine in the territory of
former Yugoslavia and one of the most significant within the context of
European avant-garde. By its programme, Zenit is basically international:
it gravitated to the creation of one completely new and united Europe,
disregarding the races, nationalities, languages, ideas or ideologies. In
many ideas, it was an attempt of a new Babylon palace building in spite of
mixed nations. Zenitism is the avant-garde movement born
around Zenit magazine. The Zenitism Manifesto was published in June 1921
and was proclaiming humanism аnd anti-war ideas. *
The *Zenit* collection belongs to special collections of National library
of Serbia, as a part of the Ljubomir Micić’s legacy

*The exibition will be realized in the Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzorić" ,Mali
Kalemegdan 1 in Belgrade, Serbia  in the period from* *March 18 to April 8,

*Deadline for applications is 10th of March 2021.*

 *Word from organizers*:

*In the year 2021 - one century since the publication of the first issue of
the magazine ZENIT revue for modern art / February 1921 / edited by
avant-garde writer and critic* Ljubomir Micić, *exhibition will be
 starting point for contemporary critical and artistic observation of the
fate of avant-garde movements and their impact on society, their internal
tensions-contradictions as well as the social reception that tend to leave
often   such a figures and movements quite  ahead of their own time - at
the very margins, and even to- historical oblivion.*

*The avant-garde never permeated society as a whole, but its significance
was subsequently often valued as exceptional and revolutionary.*

*Therefore, the title of the exhibition contains a reflection not only
related to the historical fact of avant-garde phenomena, but also echoes as
well towards  the processes of emancipation that they (not) initiated in
the wider society.*

*More INFO at: *

With best regards,

Organizing committee
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