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Press Release

Survival Strategies for the Untrained
      The Winner Takes It All …

28. September - 28. October 2003

Opening: 26. September 2003, 8pm

Within the scope of the models + frames series we would like to
invite you for the coming exhibition „Survival Strategies for the
Untrained. The Winner Takes It All …“, which will take place in the
Kunst und Medienzentrum Adlershof, Berlin. The exhibition was
curated by Sabine Winkler in cooperation with Ute Tischler.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for further informations.
Details/photos about the artist‘s works and the concept you can
find under the URL: www.ueberlebensstrategien.de

Nora Pijorr

Participating Artists

Ursula Biemann (Ch ), Josef Dabernig (A), Shahram Entekhabi
(Iran/D), Harun Farocki (D), Sofia Hulten (S), Annis Joslin (GB),
Jesper Just (Dän), Erik Lamens (B), Marisa Maza (E/D), Corinna
Schnitt (D), Erzen Shkololli (Kosovo), Margot Zanni (Ch)

Survival Strategies for the Untrained
A lack of identity, social, economic or political uncertainty, or the
fear of impending loss mark subjective constellations and social
structures and split them into conflictual zones.

Survival strategies for the untrained, a selection:

The phenomenon of "training courses for everything" and
mechanisms of repression as a survival strategy are to be
investigated in terms of the economic  aspect of supply and
demand, and in terms of the socio-cultural aspect of the difference
in starting positions.

Shahram Entekhabi, Harun Farocki, Annis Joslin and Corinna
Schnitt deal with pre-programmed survival strategies-offers. In how
far do training courses, self-help literature, filmic identity models
and clichés, and traditional rituals form behaviour- rules and -
patterns? All in terms of improving survival capacities,

having a better, healthier, happier life? Identity-programmes?

Josef Dabernig, Jesper Just, Sofia Hulten, Marisa Maza und Margot
Zanni scrutinize mechanisms of repression  as survival strategies,
systematic courses like work, operation instructions, or security
training to repress fears,  boredom, unsecurity. Or gender specific
methods of repression, as well as the construction of imaginary
identities as represson of  reality.

Ursula Biemann, Erik Lamens und Erzen Shkololli focus on the
difference of the starting position in their works. Subjective and
objective constellations, external and internal conditions
differentiate survival (what survival is for whom and where) and
strategies (which, how) to the same extent. The difference of the
starting positions, socially marked dispositions and their
conditioning, the habitus determine the respective strategy forms
and capacities. Traces of cultural developments/experiences and
socialization processes are inscribed as sediments and form an
"unconscious" store of behavior codes. Handed-down codes of
crisis management?

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