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Mit Apr 6 13:01:03 CEST 2005

Toronto, Holon, Chicago, Karlsruhe, Madrid ---> 
that's networking!---> 
global networking project 
created and realized by Agricola de Cologne 
is launching a new project version 
on occasion of its participation in 
Images Festival for Video and New Media 
Toronto/Canada - 6-17 April 2005 
www.imagesfestival.com <http://www.imagesfestival.com> (online section) 
and the exhibition 
"Hilchot Shechenim, chapter 3" 
at Israeli Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel 
www.digitalartlab.org.il <http://www.digitalartlab.org.il> 
16 April-16 July 2005 
This new project version is featuring: 
RRF Channel - Memory Channel 1--> 
Ariel Yanay-Shani and his net based project 
"Remembering the Future" - 
the Tel-Aviv based artist investigates forms 
of dynamic visual representations of the holocaust memory. 
-->access via <http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org> 
or directly via <http://i2imemory.engad.org> 
Globalization Channel - Memory Channel 3---> 
Tsunami Memorial 
a collaborative art project
dedicated in solidarity to the victims
of the Tsunami disaster from December 2004
whether they died or survived. 
The Memorial is a place -
open and intimate simultaneously -
where people can commemorate the disaster and its dimensions
and take some time in order to reflect for a while. 
--->access via <http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org> 
or also directly via <http://tsunami.a-virtual-memorial.org> 
VideoChannel - Memory Channel 5---> 
A feature of Tel-Aviv based video artists 
dealing in a very individual way with "memory and identity" 
including ---> 
Elyasaf Kowner, Dana Levy 
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry 
--->access via <http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org> 
or directly via <http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org/vchannel.htm> 
ProgramChannel - Memory Channel 6---> 
EXTASY - the final show of JavaMuseum 
including 41 netart works from 2003-2004 by 41 artists 
--->access via <http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org> 
or also directly via www.javamuseum.org/start1.htm <http://www.javamuseum.org/start1.htm> 
represents a fertile ground for projects which are 
currently successful also individually---> 
"Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina" (W:MoRiA) 
corporate part of [R][R][F]2005--->XP, 
will be presented as an individual project in April at 
Version'05 Festival Chicago/USA - 22 April-01 May 2005 
www.versionfest.org/version05/ <http://www.versionfest.org/version05/> , 
but it is also included in the online part of the new ZKM show 
"Making Things Public" - <http://makingthingspublic.zkm.de> 
entitled: "Fair Assembly" 
curated by Steve Dietz 
ZKM Karlsruhe/Germany - 30 March - 07 August 2005 
"Family Portrait" corporate part of 
"Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina" (W:MoRiA) 
and [R][R][F]2005--->XP - 
received in March 2005 the MOSAICA Award 2005 
on the theme "Jews and Diaspora" 
www.mosaica.ca <http://www.mosaica.ca> 
"Compressed Affair" -a netart piece by Agricola de Cologne 
which was created in the framework of the 
memorial environment of "A Virtual Memorial" 
and is also part of [R][R][F]2005--->XP, 
is currently participating in the show 
"Carcel de Amor" (Prison of Love) 
Madrid/Spain" - www.carceldeamor.net <http://www.carceldeamor.net> - 31 March -08 May 2005 
and its online section "Violencia sin cuerpos" 
(Violence without Bodies) www.carceldeamor.net/vsc/ <http://www.carceldeamor.net/vsc/> 
curated by Remidios Zafra 
started in 2004 as a corporate part of 
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne - 
experimental platform for Art and New Media 
from Cologne/Germany - www.nmartproject.net <http://www.nmartproject.net> -. 
It is a hybrid between an art project, 
a curatorial and research project - 
and is developing global networking structures 
on different virtual and physical levels through 2005 and beyond. 
contact: rrf2005 at newmediafest.org <mailto:rrf2005 at newmediafest.org>