[rohrpost] anglo und fritz (mosaicmotion)

Gerd Stodiek gstodiek at lycos.com
Die Dez 20 15:23:30 CET 2005


Building bridges between people of different nations is easier said 
than done. Cultural habits or the way one unconsciously perceives 
other nations is influenced by personal experiences and from the 
media we consume. The idea behind anglofritz lies in decodifying 
those unconscious habits and help build bridges between anglo and fritz.

Even though there are many uniting factors between anglo and fritz, 
the future is unsettled, with different views upon war, peace, 
morals, religion, and social models. We'll help shed light into some 
disconnects with a nice content mix that points to and discusses 
timely issues in an engaging manner - before you know it you're anglofritzed.