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reminder:  Trampoline Call for Submissions

Trampoline presents 'First Play Berlin'

Thursday 12th October 2006
Hebbel am Ufer


Call for Submissions
Deadline: 20th August

The Theme

We are living in a reality where our physical environment has been pervaded
by invisible streams of data, enabling our local geography to connect with
remote spaces. This multitude of physical and virtual layers of existence
challenges our sense of place and presence. A space is more than one space;
the virtual has inextricably entered the realm of the real.

?First Play Berlin? is exploring the makeup of this ?mixed reality?, asking
how it has changed the way we perceive space and how we negotiate our

The bigger Context

This one-night Trampoline platform event forms part of the curated programme
First Play Berlin taking place from 28th September to 21st October 2006.

First Play Berlin brings new international artworks and performances to
Berlin that explore the city through intervention, participation and
mapping. International artists Blast Theory, Active Ingredient, Daniel
Belasco Rogers, Michelle Teran, Simon Heijdens and Frank Abbott are being
featured each with their interpretation of mixed reality, overlaying the
static, physical infrastructure of the city with desperate narratives,
auto-generated game worlds, ghost buildings and displaced landscapes.

All works can be described as live media art, a new arts practice in which
the two fields of performance and new media are entering a dialogue. With
this, traditional concepts of performance, installation or gaming are
overcome offering the audience a participatory experience, blurring the
distinction between 'performer' and 'audience'.

Engagement with the public will take place on several levels, from direct
communication with performers to accessing a performance through one's
mobile phone. Some of the art works will take the form of a citywide game,
some of them will be performance-walks through the city, some will simply be
projected onto walls, becoming part of the visual architecture of the city.

What they will share is an artists' reworking of the city connecting with
the experiences of the people that live there.

What we are looking for

Trampoline welcomes artists working with digital video, multimedia
performance, streaming, experimental sound, interactive journeys and
installation to submit a piece of work that reflects on the notion of
multiple space and connected city to exhibit or perform during the
Trampoline night on October 12th. If you have a piece of work or any ideas
which you would like to develop further in relation to this project and in
dialogue with Trampoline we would very much like to hear from you.

We are looking for the following kind of work:

·Film and Video: single screen or durational loop

·Performance and music


·Interactive journeys, audio tours

·Sound art / installation



·We will not be able to pay for artists' travel costs to Berlin but we will
be able to transport the work.

·Work, which requires production budgets or extensive set-up times, cannot
be taken on.

·Performances should be between 10-25 minutes

·Single screen films should be no longer than 15 min

·Durational video / installations should be suitable for 1 beamer or several

·We are particularly interested in hearing from performers and live artists.

To submit work

please fill in the Submission Form, downloadable from


Submissions should include:
Viewing copy and / or supporting material on DVD or VHS
Description of work

Deadline to submit proposals is August 20th 06

Submissions should be postmarked by this date

Please send to:
Hebbel am Ufer
Trampoline Submissions
Stresemannstr. 29
10963 Berlin

Please include a stamped addressed envelope if you wish your material to be
returned to you.

For further contact, please email info at trampoline-berlin.de
<mailto:info at trampoline-berlin.de>

Please do not reply to this email.

First Play Berlin is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation,
British Council, Hebbel am Ufer and supported by Radiator Festival and
Nottingham University.

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